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The research team from and judging panel from UK Enterprise Awards have had their heads buried in the exciting world of UK SME’s to weigh up this year’s UK Enterprise Awards candidates for several weeks.

SW Tree Care has successfully passed from the stage of a nominee to winner, as follows:

Most Trusted Tree Surgeon Specialists 2019 – Cambridge

“The 3rd annual UK Enterprise Awards is delighted to have you as one of this year’s victors and I am personally so pleased to have supported you through this journey so far!”

Sam Senior of SW Tree Care said “We are very proud to have been nominated and to go one stage further and win this accolade. It shows that hard work and honesty pays. Thank you to our wonderful customers for nominating us and giving us fantastic feedback and well done to the team at SW Tree Care.”

How did the UK Enterprise Awards make the selection?

Following the acceptance of nominations, SME-News carefully analysed everything from products/services, dedication to your industry and client testimonials to determine our winners’ selection.

Above all, our awards are given based 100% on merit and not the amount of votes a company receives nor its annual turnover, ensuring your new accolade is truly deserved!